Estate Recovery Program Referral Form

Pursuant to Iowa Code Section 249A.53(2)

To:       Estate Recovery Program                                               From:   [Name]

Iowa Medicaid                                
P.O. Box 36445
                                                [Street Address]

            Des Moines IA 50315                            [City, State, Zip]

            Phone: 515-246-9841 / Toll-Free: 888-513-5186           [Phone]

            Fax: 515-246-0155                                           [Fax]


You are hereby notified of the death of:


Date of Death:

Date of Birth: 

Social Security Number:

The surviving spouse, if any, is:


[street address]

[city, state, zip code]

[social security number]

[date of birth]

The name and address of the contact person who is handling the affairs for the deceased is the surviving spouse listed above, or if not, as follows:


            [street address]

            [city, state, zip code]

            [relationship to deceased]


Further information regarding the marital status of the deceased is as follows:

The deceased was never married.

The deceased was married, and further:

The deceased has used or will likely use the services of the following:

Funeral Home City

Attorney City Executor

Bank Account # City

Other information that may be helpful:


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